Business Management System for Control Solution Provider

What Easy CSP?

Easy CSP (Control Solution Provider) is an All-in-one business management program for agent or Service Provider in control of equipment and Factory Engineering virtual like ERP system. This application covers the management of customer information, sales, products, costs, resources, and reports, along with accounting work.

Easy CSP is a system that will help the agent to sell products that are suitable for the customer’s job by knowing the real cost, make the agent more accurate in considering and flow in discussing sales with clients. Also, help agents easier to estimate income, check reports, and plan for sale’s strategy.

Why Easy CSP?


Collect client's data, Fast Systematically process, Make clients get the best experience in service with the organization.


collect all various costs of the product accurately so that agents can easily search for price in a short-time and sales operations can be accomplished quickly with more accurate.


Reduce the time wasted from doing repetitive tasks, increasing efficiency, and the ability to generate income for the organization.


Connect all data and processes in the organization systematically in one platform to make a clearer vision for the user.


Users able to access data in real-time and use the application via smartphone and tablet from anywhere and every time.


Able to customize the features following your organization and able to work with your old system including transfer data to the new system.


while using the program, we will staff that will give you advice, showing how to use, and also rectify immediately if a problem happens to return the system to normal operation as soon as possible.


Features classify by the working process of each sector of the organization.


Customer & Contact Info

Manage individual customer data for each salesman, in which the management can check the customer care report.

Project Info

Manage and collect project data to estimate the overview of sales for each period.

Visit Plan

Manage customer visit and expense information throughout sales and project management operations.


Can issue a quotation by knowing the real cost, can be customized products, and select the desired profit margin.

Sale Commission

Can check expenses and income in both estimate amount and the actual amount to accurately pay the commission to the salesman that agree in both employees and company.

Product Management

Suppliers & Products Info

Manage the information of manufacturers, products, prices, transportation, or product acquisition operations, and service fees.

Purchase Order & Request

Manage issuing purchase orders and purchasing documents of each manufacturer automatically from the quotation that the customer has agreed to purchase.

Stock Management

Inventory management for inspection of daily sales, cost management, and space management in the warehouse.


Tax Setting

Definition import tax for each type of goods.

Freight Calculation

Set up and calculate freight information for each country.

Exchange Rate

Currency exchange rate to know the current cost.

Project Expenses

Collecting costs for the implementation of the project to calculate cost Before issuing a quotation.

Internal Orders (I/O)

Manage project activity cost data to compare the estimate with the actual transaction.


Work Orders

Issuing work orders from the Sales team to the Service team to manage resources in product assembly and deliver the goods.

Work Plan

Human resource management under the project plan and follow up work until the end of the project.


Performance Management

Manage working hours, results, and work efficiency.

Payroll Service

Manage salary base, adjust the salary, and assess the bonus.


Sales Report

Estimated Income and Expense Reports from Project Pipeline and Visit Plan.

Service Report

Report income and expenses from services provided by Work Plan or Actual.

Financial Report

Financial forecast report and report the actual income and expenses.


Able to customize the module from a Preliminary pattern to suit your needs in each sector, bring the best solution for your clinic system.

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